About the BID

The Lincoln Square Business Improvement District (BID) is the steward of the Lincoln Square neighborhood, making sure area curbs and sidewalks are clean and safe, public spaces are lushly planted, and that fun-and- free marketing events put Lincoln Square in the spotlight. To help maintain the neighborhood’s livelihood, the BID privately contracts the well-trained members of its Clean Team, and all of its Public Safety Officers (PSOs), to supplement the city’s sanitation, maintenance and security services. The BID also acts as a problem solver for the district, helping with issues ranging from dangerous intersections to bicyclists riding on sidewalks, as well as daily quality-of- life issues like homelessness, unlicensed food vendors and uncollected trash.

The BID’s unwavering commitment to the area is likewise evident in its continued strive for progress. For instance, the BID spent many years working towards updating the district’s two parks, Dante Park and Richard Tucker Square, by submitting new designs and advocating for renovations; these parks are now beautifully rejuvenated. More recently, we have been working with DOT and Lincoln Square stakeholders on the 65 th Street Bowtie Project, and hope to see the project completed by the fall of 2016. The result will be several new crosswalks addressing pedestrian desire lines, the extension of the Columbus Avenue Bike Lane, and several other pedestrian safety improvements that benefit the public.

In Lincoln Square’s several public spaces and gardens, the BID celebrates nature’s most delightful seasonal changes with beautiful cultivars. Its parks and Broadway’s large center islands (Broadway Malls) make chameleon-like changes from brilliant panoramas of bold tulips to sweeps of sunny wildflowers to evergreen shrubs and lighted trees. In its marketing role, the BID invites the public to sample the pleasures of Lincoln Square – diverse and stylish shopping and dining venues, as well as the world’s finest music, opera and dance performances. The BID’s Information Carousels reach large audiences with a multitude of publications on the neighborhood’s retail, cuisine, and cultural amenities. When the weather warms up for summer, audiences head to Richard Tucker Square every Wednesday afternoon during July and August for the BID’s Free Lunchtime Concert Series. The BID programs these outdoor concerts, bringing in NYC musical artists, ranging from swing bands to opera groups, which brighten up the neighborhood’s lunchtime hours. At year’s end, more than 25,000 revelers zip up their warm coats and head to Lincoln Square for Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square, New York’s largest holiday extravaganza including the Upper West Side’s only tree lighting ceremony. This celebration is the BID’s signature event, full of free musical performances, fun family activities, and enticing fare from local restaurants, along with other fabulous entertainment all evening.

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