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Meet Evelyn Negron

Meet Evelyn Negron

Up on the corner of Broadway and West 68th Street sits a specialty luggage shop that really knows bags, brands, and carry-on rules. A great store for all things baggage related, Innovation Luggage offers a large selection of suitcases, travel bags, purses, backpacks, and more, and has a long history as a retailer in New York City.

Inside of Innovation Luggage at 2001 Broadway, you'll find Evelyn Negron, the Store Manager working at this location since 2008--almost 10 years. Evelyn has overall been working for Innovation Luggage for 23 years. While working, Evelyn does her best to be personally attentive to all of the shop's customers, as does her friendly staff, who not only know a great deal about the merchandise, but are also experts in packing for domestic and international travel and can answer your questions as you search for the right travel gear.

Innovation Luggage carries high quality bags from B riggs and Riley, Tumi, and Rimowa, plus the store now has the latest lines from Swiss Army and Victorinox. But the store doesn't just sell bags; it sells great hiking packs, travel accessories, wallets and sturdy umbrellas. The store also offers delivery, can do special orders, and will competitively match prices from other stores and online, allowing for the best deals and customer service.

So, next time you need a messenger bag for work, a backpack for biking, or a new suitcase and umbrella, stop into Innovation Luggage and say "hi" to Evelyn Negron, a local in Lincoln Square!