District News

Clean Team Out in Force

Feb 24, 2017
Last week, on Thursday, February 9, New York City and much of the Northeast was hit with a huge snowstorm which piled up a lot of snow in just one day. Luckily, our Clean Team was on the job and prepared for the large amounts of snow. The team spent all day  shoveling crosswalks, pedestrian crossings in the Broadway Malls, bus stops, catch basins and fire hydrants. They also placed reflective driveway markers at catch basins and fire hydrants so that they could easily be identified after the plows went through.  Thanks to our property owners and businesses who also did their part to keep the sidewalks in front of their properties and establishments clear of snow throughout the day. 
We are incredibly appreciative of the hard work our Clean Team members offer the neighborhood during storms and also during fair weather, keeping the sidewalks clear of litter and emptying our neighborhood trash receptacles. So, many thanks to our Clean Team!